Flight delays and fraudulent credit cards

I’m on my way to Canada for WordCamp Toronto today, and it’s been a bumpy morning already.

20151001366037-3.jpgI woke up to a notice from American Airlines letting me know that my flight was delayed. Then another notice telling me I’d miss my connection. And finally, the proverbial icing on the cake was a declined corporate card when attempting to purchase breakfast.

Which leads me to this… The credit card was flagged for fraud (but they were all legitimate transactions). I don’t mind the bank looking out for me, but I do mind the confusing policies they have in place. When calling to have my account unlocked, after using the automated system to enter my credit card number discretely, the fraud rep asked me to verbalize the numbers on the card. In an airport. A place with higher-than-average odds of fraud. I’m surprised that Visa, Amex, MasterCard and others aren’t leading the way on smarter fraud verification.

So… Sorry to the fraud rep that thought I was a jerk for not wanting to repeat my card number in public. It’s not your fault the policy allows the easiest hack in the book… Snooping and impersonation. Change is needed.


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