Why you should teach your clients to do your job

Bootstrapping a web development business usually means having little money for traditional advertising. Using the power of teaching is a great way to prospect and onboard awesome client partners.

During the this presentation, you’ll learn about:

  • The perfect client relationship.
  • How your clients find you + the customer buying process.
  • Methods for finding customers.
  • A new approach to prospecting and on-boarding clients.
  • Q&A


Here are some additional things to consider when preparing for and scheduling your event.

What to look for in a venue:

  • Sufficient wi-fi for anticipated number of attendees; at least 2 MBPS per attendee
  • Desk or table space for participants with room for laptop, materials and note taking
  • Dry erase board (and/or flipchart) with working markers
  • PC-to-projector adapter(s)
  • Power outlets, at least one per attendee
  • Projector screen
  • Projector with VGA or HDMI input
  • Well lit
  • Freedom from local distractions; minimal background noise

Things to have / do prior to the day of the workshop:

  • Print any class materials
  • Pre- and post-class surveys ready/sent
  • Roster with contact info for participants
  • Slide deck
  • Send email with Pre-Workshop info to participants
    • Welcome them to the workshop with date, time, and location
    • List objectives for the training
  • Provide list of what to bring:
    • Laptop with wi-fi capability and Chrome or Firefox browser installed
    • Pad and pen for notes
  • Ask attendees to be on time and notify you if they will be late or unable to attend
  • Send follow-up email one week before training to restate first email and any additional information or directions, such as parking suggestions or how to access the building/room
  • Confirm availability and preparedness of support person if size of workshop requires (any group over five is best served by two facilitators; one trainer and one assistant who is familiar with the training)
  • Confirm room reservation
  • Determine the location of water and restrooms

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  1. I have taught many clients to do my job. The biggest one I taught their office person to manage all the “cloud” products after I set it up. Work myself out of a monthly client, but they are happy in the long run and call me from time-to-time

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