What’s in my bag after 175K miles?

In 2015 So far this year , I’ve traveled more than 100,000 175,000 miles by air. I travel with a backpack and carry-on, and stay fully engaged with my career + photography, and hiking hobbies while on the move. I learned some things, added some gadgets, removed some non-essentials, and optimized my digital carry-on life in 2015. Here’s what’s in my bag starting in 2016.

Requirements for what’s in my bag

The things in my bag (and the bag itself) need to

  • Be able to stand up to the physical stresses of air travel.
  • Be able to stand up to occasional recreational trail hike or bike ride.
  • Keep me productive in the air and on the ground.
  • Give me the tools to pursue my hiking and photography hobbies.

I carry two main containers. One is my backpack, and the other is a cable and small-parts organizer. Here’s a list of items from both containers. New items are in green. Removed items are, well, removed. Will update photos at some point, too.

Inside my Kaban Transit Backpack


Inside my AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case

another photo of what's in my bag

Inside my Eagle Creek Load Warrior Wheeled Duffel


By design, my clothing travel rig is simple, reusable, and easily compacted. The Eagle Creek bag is especially great because of it’s strong zippers, generous pockets, hooks, and straps. When I get on a small plane, I like to be able to squeeze this bag into those small overhead spaces, and the soft exterior makes it easy.

My running shoes and dirty clothes go in reusable Sea to Summit stuff bags, and I roll with a SwissGear Toiletries kit (but to be honest, am looking for a replacement). That’s it. Simple, reusable, easy to carry/load, and resilient to those times when I have to check the bag. By the way, there are many other brands for travel bags, but Eagle Creek has the “No Matter What” guarantee. I dig that.

Do you have some travel advice? Have a what’s in my bag of your own? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Lovely post, today’s frequent travelers just need to take care of two items and make sure they will not fail, mobile phone and laptop. As long as you get these two devices going, you can solve most of the problems.

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