Why two sites are better than one.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.44.43 PMI was talking to someone about my coffee review posts recently, and when we got to the natural end of the conversation, my companion said, “Where do I find the reviews?” Reveling in the fact that someone wanted to check out the posts, I told them to go to mendel.coffee. There was a long pause, and they inquired, “mendel.coffee?” They were instantly confused, and it wasn’t the .coffee thing that threw them. My personal site didn’t seem like a place where they’d expect to find authoritative reviews.

That night, as I reflected on my site, it hit me. I had done everything right distilling my website topics into just a few key top-level categories, but those categories were wildly disparate. I took a hard look at my taxonomies, posts, and will to create new content. I didn’t want to stop posting about either travel or technology, but mendel.me needed more focus, for the comfort of my readers, and my own sanity. My solution? Create two sites.

Over the past couple months, I’ve extracted, hammered, regenerated, and axed content, categories, and plugins. I’ve converted from pods to ACF, and learned a ton about the structure of the WordPress database. I’ve started getting excited about theming, and learned even more about the inner workings of the Genesis Framework. In coming months, I’ll write about some of my experiences, and the reasons I’ve made the choices I have (like the move from pods to ACF), and some of the gotchas that I encountered morphing one site into two.

From now on, you can expect to find personal posts and event, business and development articles (I’ll still be stashing my event photos on this site) right here on my website at mendel.me. And, you’ll find content exclusively about travel (coffee, hiking, co-working, tourist attractions, travel advice) stuff on my new travel website: ramblingeek.com.

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    1. Yea, it’s funny… I never thought I’d be able to maintain two sites worth of content, but when I looked at the 110 already-in-the-can travel posts, it just made sense.

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