Have you heard about YoastCon?

YoastCon is this week

If you haven’t heard, Yoast (the creator of the WordPress SEO Plugin) is officially 5 years old, and they’re celebrating by holding YoastCon this week in de Lindenberg in Nijmegen. Some geniuses will be speaking, including Chris Lema, Marcus Tandler, Karl Gilis, Tony Perez and, the man himself, Joost de Valk.

If you’re just learning about the WordPress SEO Plugin for WordPress from this article, go here and download it immediately. It will instantly level-up your search optimization game, and you’ll find yourself using their slightly gamified on-post SEO guide to whip your individual posts into shape.

Building a company is a big accomplishment, and creating one as successful as Yoast is pretty incredible.

Show Yoast some love + a contest for incentive

Click below to Tweet love to Yoast (don’t worry, you can edit before sending).

I 😍@yoast because they’ve helped me next-level the #seo on my #wordpress site! #happyanniversary via @ifyouwillit http://bit.ly/1IRZxs7

I’ll draw randomly from the “I 😍 Yoast tweets”, and three winners will get one of these rad shirts (super limited edition) c/o GoDaddy Pro.

limited edition yoastcon tshirt


Have questions for Yoast?

I’ll be in the Netherlands this week attending YoastCon. Leave your questions for Yoast in the comments, and I’ll be sure to ask those questions this week and report back!

Of course, the SEO for my website (hosted on GoDaddy Managed WordPress) is proudly powered by Yoast.

Almost five years ago, Joost started the company Yoast, offering website reviews and free plugins. Yoast’s core business was, and is, sharing knowledge and making it easier to create usable websites. Five years later Yoast has turned into one of the biggest WordPress plugin providers with 21 employees (and counting)! To praise the past five years…

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