Looking back on a year of WordPress travel (and launching a new feature)

This year I’ve traveled the world to learn from the WordPress community how to make GoDaddy’s products, service, marketing, and community involvement even better. I’ve learned from the brightest, forged incredible friendships with makers, innovators, thought leaders, and go-getters in the industry, and I’ve been humbled by the opportunity to tell the story of the new GoDaddy Pro, and share some of my expertise along the way. 2015 has been a great year, and it’s been busy.

The launch of new interactive maps

Today I’m launching a new dynamic map (addresses auto-pulled from new event photo posts by way of Maps Builder Pro) for readers and community members to track my WordPress travels. There will be other maps, but this one is WordPress only.

[google_maps id=”20119″]

The tradeoffs of travel

My friends and family know that I’ve been out of town more than I’ve slept in my own bed. My co-workers have dealt with bad conference call connections (I didn’t even know Zoom worked on a 2G connection), odd-hour emails, and relentless and intense representation of community interests within our organization.

And you know what’s awesome? It’s all worth it.

Some incredible progress makes it all worth it

If you haven’t seen the incredibly transparent WordPress Hot 100 list just released, checked out the new GoDaddy Pro program we launched this year, or enjoyed the speed, flexibility, and security of the Managed WordPress product we’ve been continually tweaking based on community feedback, you should check them out (and we’re just getting started). I’m proud of the team and proud of the company I represent.

Let me be clear. GoDaddy doesn’t dictate what I write on my personal website. I’m excited about where we’ve been and where we’re going as a company. It’s been an intense year of travel, and as I start to decrease my trip density to focus on friends and family going into the holiday season, I can’t help being incredibly thankful for a year of awesomeness, opportunity, and meaningful new relationships.

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