Pressnomics, a WordPress conference in Tempe Arizona

Pressnomics 2017

It’s baaaaack and looks like it’s gonna be a blast. Are you going to Pressnomics this year? Drop me a line and let me know you’re coming! If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, go here:

Pressnomics 2016

Pressnomics brings together the who’s who of WordPress businesspeople for a couple days of intense networking and knowledge sharing.

You’ll probably see a bunch of posts this week recapping Pressnomics talks, so I’ll spare you most of the detail. However, there were a couple particularly personal and meaningful talks from folks like Cory Miller, Marcus Nelson, and the late Alex King (a pre-recorded video interview). On the innovative and fascinating end of things, check out and follow Clintus McGintusHeidi Jannenga, and Matt Medeiros. Brian Krogsgard also dropped some knowledge related to his observations running PostStatus.

Of course, no Pressnomics would be complete without golf and culture outings on Saturday. Everything was well planned, and ran like clockwork.

To add even more to the experience for people attending Pressnomics, we organized a visit to the GoDaddy Global Technology Center in Tempe. We threw a little pre-party, toured the office, and kept the slide and go-karts warm.

If you attended Pressnomics, I’d love to hear what you thought in the comments, otherwise check out the photos below!

By the way, Pressnomics inspired me to start a YouTube channel. Check it out. 🙂

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Pressnomics 2015

Pressnomics is a densely packed WordPress conference oriented towards the people who build “products and services that drive the WordPress economy”. The conference is attended by many of the top business leaders in the WordPress community, and is was held at Tempe Mission Palms, in Arizona.

Before the action packed couple days of learning and networking, I invited some buddies to the GoDaddy Global Technology Center to stream and film an episode of DradCast. Afterwards we took a ‘riding tour’ of the Tempe office, and played a lil’ after-hours basketball.

The content was of course, top-notch, with plenty of great content and advice for those running a WordPress enterprise. Heck, Matt Mullenweg even made an appearance for an interview.

No WordPress event would be complete without a little fun and rambunctiousness, and Pressnomics did not disappoint. A big shout out to Joshua Strebel, the volunteers, and sponsors (of which GoDaddy was one) for producing such an information and entertainment rich event!

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