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Prestige Conference Minneapolis 2015

Prestige Conference just keeps getting better and better. Guaranteed, the density of actionable small business advice coming out of downtown Minneapolis was far greater than any other place in the city during Prestige Conference.

Prestige Conference isn’t just another conference

You see, Prestige Conference isn’t just about creating yet another boutique WordPress conference experience— What Kiko, Josh, Britt, and Jen are building is a thoughtful, safe place for business leaders and change-makers to collaborate and level-up by sharing what they’ve learned on their journeys through business and life. Those lucky enough to attend in person or via live stream get the chance to skim morsels of awesomeness off the top of those conversations to improve their own ventures.

You can still attend online!

If you didn’t get in on the livestream, and didn’t attend the event, I strongly recommend that you check out the archive of past videos. Yes, it costs cold hard cash, but in my opinion, what you’re getting is severely undervalued. Your gain. 🙂

By the way, the drone contest is over, but if you haven’t checked out the new GoDaddy Pro (client management tools), you might want to. I hear good things from the people that have given it a spin (it’s free). 😉 😉

Prestige Conference Las Vegas 2015

Learning from experienced and successful business professionals within your industry is a quick way to level-up your business. Prestige Conference Las Vegas was a conference within a series designed to help freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small development shops learn from industry leaders, and understand how to reach a higher level of business operations sophistication for their digital business.

This in 2015 Prestige Conference Las Vegas was held at The Innevation Center and was also available via a livestream. Enjoy the photos from the event, and  if you attended, throw your comments about the event below.

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