WordCamp Atlanta

I finally made it to Atlanta after a week of travel

It was a peaceful afternoon, and I arrived in Atlanta with enough time to catch my breath, and a beer. I’m always excited to see coworkers when I’m traveling. The people I work with are great. They’re friends. It’s our culture. And, as I sipped a beer and caught up on email at the downtown Doubletree Hotel bar, I anxiously anticipated WordCamp Atlanta, and the arrival of my posse.

The night before WordCamp Atlanta

At long last, Noah and Andres landed and made their way through the comically poor Atlanta traffic, to our downtown hotel. It’s funny looking back on that moment. How hungry we were. How unprepared we were for what came next.

I had already done research with the bartender, and had picked the “perfect spot”. We set off for Pittypat’s Porch. During the next hour and a half, Noah, Andres and I were drowning in food. As we left to meet Daniel at the hotel, I was scared that my food coma would last through opening remarks at WordCamp Atlanta. I’m glad it didn’t.

dinner before WordCamp Atlanta

About the weekend

I hadn’t been to WordCamp Atlanta before. Each WordCamp is different. Each camp has a different personality, excitement, and energy. The camps tend to take on the pride of the community and their sense of hospitality. It was clear during the opening remarks, and the entirety of the weekend, that the folks in the Atlanta WordPress community are deeply caring people. They look out for each other, and created a sense of deep inclusiveness throughout the event.

All of the classic hallmarks of a complete camp were present at WordCamp Atlanta. From a happiness bar, to great hang spots, and four tracks of leveling-up goodness, WordCamp Atlanta was the perfect place to hone your craft.

wcatl2016 - 79

What else happened at WordCamp Atlanta?

Glad you asked. Remember that first night of food with Noah and Andres? Well, that was just a taste of what was to come. I’m pretty sure we had more than three meals some days. Ya see, people in Georgia love to eat and spend time with each other. And, that’s something I can get behind. After all, open source communities are all about, well, the power of community. And WordCamp Atlanta embodied that perfectly.

wcatl2016 - 60

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My photos from WordCamp Atlanta

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