WordCamp Miami

WordCamp Miami 2016

Wow. The staff volunteers putting on WordCamp Miami have shown for two years what building an incredibly fulfilling camp is all about. From freelancing to getting started, BuddyPress to Kid’s STEAM workshops the programming for this WordCamp was off the proverbial chain. Add in the fact that there were three tracks over the weekend centered on how-to, content & design, and development, and you can start to see the sorta hustle these organizers put into this event.

My favorite part of the weekend? The Cain & Obenland show, of course. So, did you go to WordCamp Miami 2016? If so, what did you think? Leave your comments below!

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WordCamp Miami 2015

Wow, this year, WordCamp Miami had a truckload of programming! Starting with BuddyCamp at the beginning of the weekend, and proceeding to talks and panels, there was content bursting out of every seam at WordCamp Miami. This event was a three track event densely packed into three days. This WordCamp was spread across the Florida International University School of Business campus, with plenty of opportunity to enjoy the sunshine in-between sessions. And there was pie, lots of pie.

Props to the organizers and volunteers, the logistical challenges must have been staggering to pull it all off. By the way, if you’re curious about the Managed WordPress I’ve been raving about, check it out here.

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