WordCamp Philadelphia

WordCamp Philly was loads of fun for so many reasons. The weekend began with thought-provoking talks and great conversations with people from the Philadelphia WordPress community.

There was an epically well-attended lunch meet-and-greet for Girl Develop It on Saturday, and afterwards Aaron Jorbin touched on the importance of diversity and community, highlighting Philly WordPressers for their accomplishments in those areas.

Speaking of epic, the #benchpress crew met up at the Rocky steps (Philadelphia Museum of Art) for a run up and down the iconic steps, and a relaxing walk which ended at contribution day– where some awesome things happened, including some major collaboration on unit tests.

Oh, and there were pretzels and cheesesteaks. Lots of them. Well done Philly! WordCamp Philly left me in serious need of a trip to the gym, and filled with plenty of love for the Philadelphia WordPress community.

By the way, if you’re curious about the changes at GoDaddy over the past few years, check out the new Managed WordPress service, the GoDaddy Pro program, and some info on GoDaddy’s partnership with the Anita Borg Institute.

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