A simple reminder: openness

The inside of my nostrils were stained with the smell of fresh paint. The work of the day was done, and a quick sightseeing trip was in order after a day caged in the confines of newly sanded and painted walls (we were doing the painting). It’s funny how when you’re not looking for something, […]

Make sound excuses to seek out inspiration

In 2015 I found myself scheduling a business trip to visit Nijmegen in the Netherlands. The best airport was Schiphol in Amsterdam, and so I began the optimal price and scheduling dance known by anyone who’s looked for airline tickets. I had two options. Save hundreds of dollars, arrive a couple days early, and work […]

We are not obligated to build our lives around technology

For the past two years I’ve been smiling at people as I pass them. Neighbors, people on the sidewalk — in line at the store. Even folks sitting in their car waiting for the light to change — and homeless people on the side of the road. I look people straight in their eyes and […]

An old trunk, and the importance of disconnecting

Countless words have been written on the importance of disconnecting from technology. For the most part, they’re written for slow news days. This is not one of those articles. It’s real. Here’s the story… The magic shop There must have been a million people and things I loved seeing as a child when visiting family in […]

The hunt for a CampPress venue is officially on!

oklahoma sprint flowers

Incase you haven’t heard, I’m (not in association with my employer) working on a new social community experiment called CampPress. CampPress is a 2-3 day event that is about creating space to disconnect from our digital lives, and connect or form deeper connections with fellow members of the WordPress, geek, open-source, and tech communities. Think of […]