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It’s a barn burner out here in Iowa. 87 degrees and 44% humidity. It’s a far cry from 90% humidity yesterday, but it’ll still be a hot run for my 3 miler today.

And now for the Sennheiser PMX 685i Review…

As they say, great things come to people who wait, and for me that day is today. After reading reviews online, I knew the PMX 865i would hold up well while running.  I also consulted my brother, and he told me how awesome Sennheiser earphones sound (and he knows sound).  However, he uses studio over-ear headphones, not in-ear headphones like these. Needless to say, after I unboxed and put these puppies on, I was excited to write my Sennheiser PMX 685i Review.

These headphones are crystal clear. While you won’t get crazy bass like with over-ear ‘phones, the sound is balanced and incredibly crisp.

If you were to balance five feathers on your neck, it would probably feel heavier than these headphones. The unit itself is super light, and since the cord is light and only coming from one side, there isn’t much added weight.

Included with the headphones is a heavy-duty carrying bag, a lapel clip, and two foam earpiece covers (probably not something I’ll use). The unit also comes equipped with all the standard iPhone gadgetry for changing tracks, volume, and answering calls.

Noise Isolation
These headphones provide a surprisingly high degree of isolation from road and outside noise.

The bad
The one issue (and only if you’re using them while sitting), is that you can’t lean back against something while wearing the headphones without disturbing how they sit in your ears.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my purchase and plan to use these headphones for my eventual marathon in October. Do you have a pair? What do you think?

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