JOCO Cup, a life changer for serious coffee lovers

I’ve long been a proponent of glass vessels for drinking fine coffee. But let me be clear– if you’re a Starbucks Frappuccino lover, the JOCO Cup is no better than its plastic equivalents. If you’re the type that grinds and brews your thoughtfully purchased beans every morning, this is your cup.

a picture of the JOCO cup

The beauty of the JOCO Cup

The beauty of my new JOCO Cup is it’s ability to retain pure unchanged coffee taste while still being beautiful and simple in form and function. In other words, when you’re drinking your single origin Flattop beans, you’ll taste every note of flavor without any cup or residue taste.

I’ve been putting this glass cup through the ringer for the past couple days, and trust me, I haven’t pulled any punches. The JOCO Cup has traveled in my backpack along with a camera and metal water bottle, under a seat, and thrown around in a trunk. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far.

The good things about the JOCO Cup

  • The glass construction is super solid and thick. This isn’t the type of glass that breaks when it bumps another glass in the dishwasher.
  • The silicon grip is useful, easy to clean, and insulates hot liquids just enough.
  • Taste translates perfectly from brewing to cup.
  • Baristas envy the uniqueness of the glass.

The bad (mostly with the lid)

  • The silicon mouthpiece is a bit flimsy. Would like other glass options.
  • The lid has no stopper, so liquids can splash out (although there’s a little lip on the inside of the lid to help prevent it).

I really dig the JOCO cup, and am excited to see how well it holds up to continuous travel. I also purchased a KeepCup, and will give you the 411 once I’ve spent some time with that cup as well.

If you want to get your own, I suggest getting a waterproof bag if you’re planning to throw it in your backpack. Here’s where to find the JOCO Cup and bag.

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