Geeking out on antique lightbulbs, cause why not?

I had some friends over for waffles and mimosas yesterday, and it was glorious. Since I’ve been traveling all over the earth hanging out with friends in the design / development community, I haven’t spent many weekends at home. While I love my adventures on the road, I also value a good lazy day (it’s pretty good for the soul).

My IKEA problem

If you haven’t heard in-person about my IKEA problem, it’s about time to come clean publicly. I don’t buy many things from IKEA, but I can get lost in the lighting section of the store for days. I have an obsession with creating interesting lighting designs with LED bulbs and fixtures… it’s just lucky that IKEA lightbulbs are reasonably priced (I have a lot of LEDs).

What do waffles & mimosas have to do with IKEA & lightbulbs?

One of the most noticed additions to my place yesterday were the antique-gastropub-style lightbulbs hanging above my couch. They’re super fun, and super efficient. The new NITTIO bulbs from IKEA are 20 lumen LED bulbs, and they’re my new lighting obsession. No affiliate links here (heck, you can’t even order ’em online), just a guy geeking out on cool lightbulbs and a fun photo opp.


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