I finally found the best laptop sleeve, ever!

In 2013, the United States imported 27 million bags of coffee. That’s a whole heck of a lot of coffee, and enough burlap to reach to the moon and back (well maybe not, but it’s a lotta burlap).

It’s no secret that I have a coffee obsession, and recently my friend Sandy let me in on a pretty cool project she’s been working on. Sandy has been going to her neighborhood coffee joint, getting burlap coffee bags (it’s what beans are shipped in), and converting those bags into laptop and tablet sleeves to order (you can choose size and zipper or button closure).

Why is this the best laptop sleeve, ever?

  1. I love coffee (the essential gift for any geek who drinks coffee) and love that this laptop sleeve is made from an up-cycled coffee bag.
  2. The exterior is fun, rough, rustic, handmade, and up-cycled.
    the best laptop sleeve ever
  3. The interior is soft, durable, expertly sewn, fun and geeky
  4. It’s made to order. My bag came with a zipper and fits my laptop like a glove!

If you’re looking for something to up your geek cred, check out this new addition to my bag (cause lets face it, a post all about a laptop sleeve is pretty geeky), the Upcycled Burlap Coffee Bag Laptop Sleeve!

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