Basílica de la Sagrada Família

The tech and business conversations dissipated as I quickly ran to my hotel across the street to change clothes. It was time to see something I was told I couldn’t miss during my trip to Barcelona. The cabs were lined up, and the sun was visible enough through the rain clouds to know that it was close to dusk. I had to hurry through the winding streets of Barcelona to get there before dusk.

Before I could see the building itself, I saw the spires of the Sagrada Família as they rose from the busy skyline. They were like nothing I’d ever seen, but nowhere near as interesting far away as up close.

I paid the cab driver, and made my way to the line for pre-purchased tickets. “Well done, Mendel”, I thought. Self congratulation was definitely in order. I had beat 30-50 people in line to see the living artwork.

As I approached the Basílica de la Sagrada Família, I was entranced by the complexity and detail. I’d seen pictures of this architectural marvel influenced by Antoni Gaudí, but the experience in person was altogether different.

Enjoy the photos, but know that they are not a replacement for visiting this awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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