Introducing, my new project

In the past eight years I’ve traveled nearly 400,000 miles, visited 84 cities in 11 countries, and spent the equivalent of two years exploring, learning, giving talks, and building relationships with some of the most awesome community leaders, business minds, and engineers in the world.

While journeying I’ve collected over 30,000 photos and thousands of anecdotes, stories, and lessons from those whom I’ve come in contact with.

A new photo project called “inspiration”

The first series in the project is called “water”, and is a collection of natural and man-made structures related to water. Each photo is paired with a story explaining the photo. Each photo is a mini lesson or reminder. Something that I’m reminded of every time I look at the image, and hopefully a story or image that you can use to inspire yourself in your own life.

I plan to follow the water series with land, nature, and human.

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While the digital version will be free, eventually prints will be available for purchase.

A special thanks

By the way, many of these photos could not have been captured without the support of the company I work for (always encouraging employees to live passionately), and my friend Chris Lema, who’s gift of a 200mm zoom lens and encouragement last year made shooting a whole lot easier.

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