Battery life problems with Apple watchOS 2

Ahh, the curse of the early adopter. Most of the time, things work right on release, but with every zero day update of new software, there are always a few bugs. Unfortunately, the latest battery issue with watchOS 2 is significant enough for me to write a post.

IMG_8282Halfway through the day after I updated my watch (to watchOS 2), I received a battery low warning at dinner. I thought it was possible I had knocked the watch off the charger the night before, so I charged it up, and wrote it off as a one-time issue. Today, I got off an eight hour flight, and noticed the watch (which normally would have been at 80%) was indeed drained to close to 23%, and an hour later (as of this writing), my watch was at 7% charge with very little use.

After some Googling, I found a few possible ways to fix the issue. I’ll update this post after I do the first two, and let you know how it goes.

  • Turn off time travel (my shirts seem to hit the digital crown accidentally, and sometimes I notice that I’ve Time Traveled without knowing it).
  • Reset and re-pair the watch to iPhone.
  • Turn off third party complications (will try if the previous two don’t fix the issue).
  • Wait for the next update and recharge twice a day (sad trombone).

So, do you have an Apple Watch? Are you having battery issues after upgrading to watchOS 2? Let me know in the comments. You are not alone. 🙂

Update 10/1/2015 – Issue seems to be intermittent after following the first two steps. Some days the battery drops quickly and other days it doesn’t. The issues don’t seem to be connected to activity either.

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