Dress up your Apple Watch Sport with this hack

The Apple Watch Sport is a beautiful piece of hardware, but after the first couple weeks I owned it, I realized I was hoping for a little more visual excitement in a daily driver. Sometimes a guy just wants to wear a snazzy watch, and the sport band wasn’t cutting it.

The soft metal debacle

20151004006023When I originally went to the Apple Store to purchase the Apple Watch Sport, I was told that adding a metal band to the watch might hurt the soft aluminum that the watch is made of. It’s clear now that the comment was probably more marketing hype than reality.

It costs how much?

The Stainless Steel link bracelet sold by Apple costs $599. It’s a good lookin’ band, sure– but, it’s not really worth $599. Purchased with the stainless steel case, the Apple Watch is a $1,299 investment. Not exactly what I’d call a good price for a first generation piece of hardware.

The beautiful and inexpensive solution

I did some searching on Amazon, and found a stainless steel link bracelet that looks good, is rated incredibly high, and is a fraction of the price. The Oittm 42mm Stainless Steel Metal Replacement Strap looks nice, has held up to a couple weeks of active wear, and hasn’t done any damage to the watch itself. It comes in Space Gray, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold.

If you decide to hack your Apple Watch with this band, let me know what you think!

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