Feeling ‘too lazy’ today? Get motivated with these 3 excuse busters.

get motivatedYou hit your alarm clock more than a bongo player this morning and you’ve given yourself every excuse not to get out of bed, get ready for work, or put on those gym clothes. It’s early in the morning after all, and an arduous day is both in the rear-view and windshield. You can’t stand the thought of your daily tasks bearing down on you … but here are three reasons to get motivated and get going!

3 Reasons to Get Motivated Today

If you work in an office, you’ve got it easy.

Guaranteed there’s someone with a job you would consider harder than yours. If you’re dreading the grind of the office, just think what the steelworker or marine is dealing with at the office today. There’s always someone with a harder job, so attack the day knowing that you’re lucky to be doing what you do.

There’s always someone with a harder job, so attack the day knowing that you’re lucky to be doing what you do.

You’re capable.

I went for a run recently and was thinking about walking the second half because it was too hard. Then the most basic thought shoved me back into reality … there was absolutely no reason not to keep going. I realized, I should because I can. If you are able to do your job, run that mile, or pay those bills, you’re far ahead of many. Get motivated today by running for those that can’t run, fighting for those that can’t fight, and spreading warmth to those around you for those who have none to give.

I realized, I should because I can.

It’s usually all in your head.

Ever heard of mind over matter? It’s a real thing. Have you ever done something until you couldn’t do it anymore? Maybe it was a repetitive task, a job, or something at the gym. Have you ever thought afterwards, “I bet I could have done that for another 5 minutes if I had tried harder”. If not, the next time you decide to quit before you reach a goal, make a point to reflect a day later and see if you really feel like you could have finished. Chances are, your outlook will have changed.

You’ll make a million decisions today, don’t decide to make an excuse. Get motivated, stay motivated, and juice life for everything it has to give. Have a good excuse buster? Leave it in the comments or tell me @ifyouwillit.

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