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Is this agile business development? #agile #webdevelopment #business

Before I started working in the corporate world, I used to build websites for local businesses full-time.  I hadn't heard of agile development 7 years ago, but I knew what process normally delighted my customers.  The process was always iterative and was comprised of a few key components, so I...

Runners Log 5-27-2014 – Marathon Training

These splits aren't great, but it was my second time on real pavement instead of a treadmill this season. Splits on the treadmill are understandably equal. Is there a formula out there for the typical treadmill:pavement ratio?
marathon training wk 2

Runners Log 5-25-2014 – Marathon Training

Crunching my prescribed weekly planned miles (light green) and actual miles run (dark green), here is my progress at the end of week 2.  I fell short this week by not walking two miles on Saturday.  While I certainly don't plan on skipping days, missing 2 miles last week shouldn't throw me...

Runners Log 5-20-2014 – Marathon Training

They say you're supposed to stretch along with your marathon training. I decided 'rest' days would be the perfect time to work on my Yoga practice and keep my flexibility in check. I bought my first Yoga mat, found a YouTube Yoga video and spent 30 minutes today (not my...

Runners Log 5-19-2014 – Marathon Training

I decided if I was going to do well at the marathon, I needed to re-evaluate my choice of shoes. I cruised by Running Wild (the local running shop) to get some expert help today. Ashley is a big fan of their service, and I was BLOWN AWAY by Joe's...

Runners Log 5-16-2014 – Marathon Training

Welcome to my runners log for May 16, 2014 I just did my fastest mile in a while but have a lot of work ahead. 1 mile at 6mph, 1 mile walk, .5 mile jog, and finished out with 1 more mile walking. It was a grind today, but it was...

Runners Log 5-11-2014 – Marathon Training

It’s Sunday today, and I’m cruising at 32,000 ft somewhere between Colorado and Arizona. It’s been a bumpy ride, but as I’m traveling, there’s a frequent ding coming from my phone as I text back and forth with Ashley McDonald, my new amateur (except she’s a boss on the pavement,...

Promote the hell out of your business and track everything

So you want more people to view your website? More relevant people you say? How about people who are actually interested in buying what you’re selling? Eating what you’re cooking? Wearing what you’re making? I’m frequently asked by small business owners, “how do I get more traffic to my business...
promoting your business example flyer

6 Starter Ideas for Promoting Your Business

Do the free things first. Just because promoting your business can be free, doesn't make it any less important to do. Take the time to tell people through social media, forums, interest groups, emails, local directories and other free methods that you’re starting a business. Ask for referrals. Most people...