Photo Attribution

Many people have asked to use my photos in their profile pictures, articles, and websites. While I’m excited for you to share my photos, please respect these few simple requests when (re)publishing:

  • On a website or blog
    Attribute each individual photo used on your website in the photo caption with “via Mendel [whatever other text you want to put]” and link the text to the page where you found the image.
    ex. via Mendel at An Awesome Event 2015
  • Re-posting on social media
    If re-posting a picture on social media, attribution ‘via @ifyouwillit [link_to_page_found_on]’ (or real name if not on Twitter) is appreciated. If it’s too long, then just via @ifyouwillit or use a URL shortner.
    ex. via @ifyouwillit
  • As a profile pic
    If using in a profile pic, a shout out /w a mention @ifyouwillit is appreciated.
  • For profit
    If using for direct profit (i.e. the image is being used in an ad), please contact me first.