Whats on my desk + creating a standing desk

Since there was a lot of interest in my post about what’s in my bag, here’s a follow-up “what’s on my desk” post.

Healthy working

The purpose of my workspace (besides being a workspace) is to promote standing over sitting. There have been many articles written about the benefits of standing, and it seems that overwhelmingly, standing is the way to go (spoiler: the CDC says so). So, I set out to purchase a standing desk. It turns out, good standing desks aren’t cheap. So here’s my solution + what’s on my desk + some of my favorite / odd items.

My standing desk

20151027296000I’ve fashioned the desk itself out of a Whitmor Supreme 5-tier Wire Shelving – Chrome from Target. Of course, without something solid on the shelves, things would fall through… so I’ve added two pine slats of wood with a similar depth and width to the shelf. I prefer solid, un-treated wood instead of particle or pressed board (a reason here). You can find pine slats at your local hardware store.

My standing desk has a main work area (with all the conveniences and comforts of a regular workspace), and a lower shelf with a keyboard (just incase I’d like to sit) and storage for my laptops. The lower shelf is purposefully a bit less convenient.

Whats on my desk (the semi-permanent stuff)?

So, what’s on your desk? Leave a link to your post or favorite item in the comments!

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