10 beautiful Instagram accounts I follow

I recently pared down the list of people I follow on Instagram from hundreds to under 75. My goal was to engage more with the people I follow — my feed was filled with content that was less than engaging.

I favor friends, family, and beautiful things

For some, Instagram is a way of sharing pictures of family and friends. For others, Instagram is an endless opportunity to take and post selfies or take photos of breakfast, lunch, and dinner… every day. I don’t follow frequent face or food photographers. I do follow friends, family, and accounts that post beautiful stuff.

I want to be moved by the pictures I see. I want to smile, laugh, be inspired, or challenged to think about something in a new way.

My favorite beautiful Instagram accounts

Looking for beautiful things on Instagram? I’ve got you covered. Here are my favorite 10 beautiful Instagram accounts (and a bonus).

Human made objects being reclaimed by nature


Photos from some of the tallest buildings across the world


Incredible shots from around Chicago


All New York City, all the time


Interesting HDR-style shots of both urban and nature landscapes


Light play in both urban and natural settings


Incredible HDR of some of the greatest scenic spots in North America


Top GoPro shots from around the world


Nature and outdoor adventure photos


Super HDR photos of ocean waves


BONUS: Did you think I’d leave my account out?! 🙂 HDR travel photos and the occasional silly video.

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