Android Froyo 2.2 – Installing on the Motorola Droid

android froyo 2.2 in settingsI suppose the next logical step after rooting a Motorola Droid is to find the latest hacked copy of the operating system. ¬†Enter Android Froyo 2.2. ūüôā I’ve included pictures to the left, and as promised… instructions.

Don’t believe any other post, when it comes to adding a custom rom, it couldn’t be easier. ¬†

Check out these simple steps to install Android Froyo 2.2

  1.  Root the Droid (here)

  2.  Go to the Android Market and download (ROM Manager Premium for $4)

  3. ¬†Open ROM Manager Premium and tap ‘Flash ClockworkMod Recovery’ and follow quick instructions.

  4. ¬†Tap ‘Download ROM’

  5. ¬†Goto ‘ChevyNo1’ and select ‘Froyo v4.1’

  6. ¬†Follow on-screen instructions to install, reboot, and now you’re running 1ghz Froyo 2.2.

Got an easier way? ¬†Having a problem? ¬†Leave a comment below and I’ll help you out.

Google’s Official Page for Android Froyo 2.2

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