Branding Yourself – get started quickly with these 3 things

Branding yourself might sound difficult, but you're probably more ready than you think.


Completion time: 30 minutes

Branding yourself isn’t hard, but it takes persistence.

Branding yourself might sound difficult, but you’re probably more ready than you think. If you’ve ever had a conversation about your interests with a friend, or introduced yourself at a gathering, you already have the skills you need! Branding yourself on the internet takes a commitment to do small, simple things each day to further your personal brand. Here are some straightforward ideas to help you get started.

Define your passion, and then yourself.

People pay attention to those who are passionate. Reflect for a minute or two on what you’re most passionate about. Are you an avid swimmer, painter, or car enthusiast? Make a top 5 list of the things that you’re most passionate about or enjoy doing on a daily basis. Then, use your list to create one concise sentence that describes the way you feel about the item(s) you’re most passionate about. That sentence (personal mission statement or motto) will be your north star in your quest to brand yourself.

Action Item: Create a rough draft of your self-defining sentence (it’s ok to refine this as time goes on, so it doesn’t have to be perfect).

Volunteer your expertise.

In life and business, one of the most powerful ways to create strong relationships is to give without the expectation of ever receiving anything in return. In building your personal brand, it’s vital to devote a portion of your time to genuinely sharing your talents with others with no strings attached. As you’re starting, try to spend 10% of your brand-building time helping others, and increase as you’re able.

Action Item: Look online for organizations or people with which you can share your passion. Send 3 emails volunteering your expertise.

Suggested Websites
All For Good
Volunteer Match
Volunteer Nation

Establish a home for your personal brand.

People need to know where to get in touch with you and see what you’re up to. A very important part of branding yourself is making yourself visible and accessible. At a bare minimum you should find a domain name ( or and hook a website and email up to that name. Using your custom email address and updating and mentioning your website frequently will help build credibility.

Action Item: Find a good domain name and set up an email address (if you’re feeling ambitious, set up a simple website too).

Suggested Websites
Google Domains

Look out for more depth on these steps and more advanced topics in the future. In the meantime, leave questions and suggestions in the comments section, or feel free to reach out @ifyouwillit.

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