Git on GoDaddy Managed WordPress

Git on GoDaddy Managed WordPress sneak peek (coming soon!)
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Coming soon Now available!

I’ve been a fan of WordPress® and GoDaddy for a long time, but using WordPress® on GoDaddy hasn’t always been as easy as it is these days.  With GoDaddy Managed WordPress, it’s a breeze to set up, configure, and manage a performant WordPress website.  For instance, it’s around 30 second task to install WordPress® and my current page load time is often < 1 second.

However, until now (well, coming soon for general availability), there hasn’t been a ton of developer-centric support within the Managed WordPress product (i.e., SSH and Git support). That’s about to change.

Test-driving Git on GoDaddy

Today I received a pre-release feature in my account from the WordPress team at GoDaddy, and here are the screenshots to prove it! There were absolutely no issues with connecting cloning and pushing to my BitBucket repository. I’ll post details on how to access the feature when it’s officially released.

In the meantime, if you’re a developer and are interested in giving Git on GoDaddy Managed WordPress a spin, get at me @ifyouwillit or [email protected].

PuTTY engaged!

using SSH to use Git on GoDaddy

PuTTY activated!

cloning repository using git on godaddy managed wordpress


Go Git it! (Excuse the messy push … didn’t take the time to define origin or clear a previous version of the repo.)


Holy Bitbuckets!


After completing this push, I realized that I forgot to create a .gitignore file to restrict media and other large or sensitive files.  If you’d like to learn how to create a .gitignore file, check out Creating a Git Ignore File. For other interesting stuff from GoDaddy related to WordPress, check this out.

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