How has web development changed since 2006?

In 2006, my independent web development business was firing on all cylinders. I was signing new clients and creating new websites every few weeks. I had standardized the request process, and made a big effort to standardize my offerings.

Business was good, although the effort I was putting into creating websites was much greater than the amount I was getting paid. On average, a site would take 2-3 weeks to create (working 60 hour wks), and that was if the client was highly responsive. More complex sites obviously took more time.

I’ve been digitizing a lot of my paper records lately and came across some of my old web development documents. The documents seemed like great openers for some important conversations about offerings, pricing, workflow, and standardization.

Here is the first document from the archives– my web development packages from 2006.


Because I’m a curious person (and I’m sure others are too), here are some things I’d love your thoughts on…

Leave your reply to this one in the comments: How do you define your offerings and what do you charge for them? (By the way, linking to your web dev site is ok in this case.)

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