Using Pods Framework to add Data to WordPress Widgets

Why use structured data on your website? Google and other search engines use formatted structured data to power rich snippets in search results. For instance, when searching for ‘ticketmaster omaha’ in Google, the following listing appears: These rich snippets make a search listing stand out, and therefore make it more likely someone might click […]

5 Reasons I’m Mind-Blowingly Excited to Attend WordCamp Milwaukee

WordCamp Milwaukee Charity Hackathon! What better way is there to spend a Friday morning, than to help a Wisconsin based non-profit organization be more awesome online? Read more about this great event (and get involved) on the WordCamp Milwaukee schedule page. Hangin with WordPress rock stars … like Michelle Schulp (@marktimemedia), Suzette Franck (@mt_Suzette), Shanta […]

Install WordPress Locally In a Snap!

If you’re a developer, designer, or plugin or theme creator, it can be much more efficient for site development to install WordPress locally. In-fact, I’ve listened to countless presentations by developers at WordCamps explaining how important it is to have a local copy of WordPress installed for development purposes. But, having a local copy of […]

Pretty pre tags in WordPress – The Prettypre project

pre tags apple IIe image

What are pre tags? Pre tags are used on WordPress websites (and others) to change how text is displayed and designate when code samples are being typed. The CSS for the pre tag is formatted in a standard way for most templates.  However, like most tags, a pre tag can easily be formatted with a little CSS magic. There […]

Essential WordPress Plugins

I run multiple WordPress sites and this is a list of my favorite Essential WordPress Plugins. I’ll update this post periodically with new plugins as they become reliable additions to my websites. Essential WordPress Plugins List (Updated 6-25-2014) Akismet – Awesome spam blocker. Autoset Featured Image – Auto Set the first image of your post […]