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Photo Credit: Aaron Montoya via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Aaron Montoya via Compfight cc

When experts talk about creating successful content-driven and highly trafficked websites, they stress the importance of regularly creating content. It’s something that’s difficult to do with a heavy travel schedule and work / social engagements. Recently Dre Armeda from Web Dev Studios mentioned a blog post challenge that Brad Williams is doing, and noted the difficulty of keeping up with a consistent post schedule. If you know me, you know I always have a lot to say… so why is it that I don’t blog more?

The truth is, sometimes it’s difficult to sit down and type. There’s something about making space that seems a little arduous. But luckily, there are some pretty simple solutions to assist in content creation.

Cheating the challenge

A blog post challenge is just what I need to jump-start my commitment to a regular posting schedule. Using a piece of dictation software like Dragon or Notes on iPhone, and processing the notes through a service like makes it possible to dictate a blog post anywhere without feeling the intensity that sometimes comes with sitting in front of a computer. In fact, dictating makes it easy to create a post wherever inspiration strikes, and sometimes for me that’s on a walk or sitting on the couch. It’s also interesting that as I dictate this particular post, I’m forced to think much deeper about the things I’m saying in order to form sentences as concisely as possible. I imagine dictating posts will help flex verbal/cognitive muscles making my oral presentation skills better.

So today loyal readers (of you there are 2 or 3), I begin the blog post challenge. In addition to posts about hiking, events, and coffee, I’ll post long-form opinion and business articles, and will attempt to do so on a weekly basis.

I’ll get to creating, and in the meantime, I hope you’ll keep me honest by following the effort and providing feedback through the comments section (if you want to join the challenge, check out the Weekly Post Challenge Facebook group).

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