Top 10 WordPress Podcasts to Level Up Your Skills

Laura GriffithsSelf-improvement is at the top of my list of life goals. Whether it’s physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally, my goal is to level-up every single day. Since WordPress is a big part of my life, I work to increase my WordPress skills on a regular basis, and you should too. If you haven’t subscribed to these ten WordPress podcasts, do it. Replace at least 60 minutes of music or dead-air every few days with some new WordPress knowledge from experts. Your clients and bank account will be happy you did.

In no particular order…

  1. Apply Filters by @bradt and @pippinsplugins
  2. The DradCast by @williamsba and @dremeda
  3. Matt Report by @mattmedeiros
  4. Please Advise by @mikecalister @jakecaputo and @themolitor
  5. The WordPress Chick’s Podcast by @kimdoyal
  6. WordPress Plugins From A To Z by @ahkonsu @marcuscouch
  7. WordPress Weekly By WP Tavern by @jeffr0 @marcuscouch
  8. WP Bacon by @rob_neu and @OzzyR [ENDED]
  9. WP Watercooler by @jasontucker
  10. Your Website Engineer by @DustinHartzler

Did I forget one? Need to update the info on the list? Just dig the list and wanna talk about it? Hit me in the comments :).

Photo Credit: Susanica via Compfight cc

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