Which WordPress theme to choose

You’ve been dreaming for years of opening your own coffee shop, and you’re finally on your way. The loan has been secured, build-out has begun, and suppliers are sending enough coffee samples to supercharge your creativity. Heck, you’ve even purchased hosting, set up your WordPress website, and have figured out all the basics. Now the big question, which WordPress theme to choose?

In order to determine which WordPress theme to choose, your first stop is to look at your cost tolerance. There are themes that cost $0 and custom themes / setups that can cost thousands of dollars. Deciding what your budget is will help get you goin’ in the right direction.

Which WordPress theme to choose for a business on a budget

When it comes to budget conscious theme buyers, the best place to look for free themes is the WordPress theme repository. All themes that are listed on the WordPress theme repository are reviewed before they’re published for download. Because of the technical scrutiny these themes go through, it makes them a great choice for a business on a budget, or someone starting out in the WordPress world.

Which WordPress theme to choose for DIY customization

If you had asked me 5 years ago if there were any great customize-able themes for DIY (do it yourself) in WordPress, I would have said no. DIY has been complicated in WordPress theming unless you were technically inclined.

However, innovation in the WordPress space has caught up and even surpassed drag-and-drop website building trends that have been around for years from site building platforms like Weebly, GoCentral, and Wix.

The value of combining WordPress with a drag-and-drop compatible theme and plugin is how much flexibility and power it gives you to build an epic site. My favorite WordPress drag-and-drop builder plugin is Beaver Builder. And if you’re wondering which WordPress theme to choose that’s highly compatible with Beaver Builder, check out Astra.

Which WordPress theme to choose for ultimate customization

Looking for an extraordinary amount of customization in your theme? Since this is the most expensive route, take a quick step back and make sure you need that amount of customization. Can your business get by on a smaller amount of customization first, and build up to a higher level of customization later? Usually the answer is yes. However, if you’re still looking to do something with your website that’s highly unique, it’s time to hire some outside help.

Interview your potential web designer / developer like you would a general contractor or mechanic. Ask questions, get references, and look at their portfolio. If their pricing, policies, or response time make you nervous, move on to the next candidate.

No matter what route you go, sketch a concept before you decide on which WordPress thing to choose. It’ll make everything way easier. Oh, and have fun. Seeing your big idea take shape before your eyes is what makes building websites so much fun!

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