Why use WooCommerce? Here are 5 good reasons

If you’re new to eCommerce, you’re likely comparing online store platforms. The multitude of options in the market can make it difficult to understand why to use one platform over another. 

If you’ve been asking yourself why you should use WooCommerce, this is the post for you.

WooCommerce is Open Source Software

Similar to Linux, Open Office, and VLC, WooCommerce is classified as an Open Source Software (OSS for short). Since anybody can help improve an Open Source piece of software, WooCommerce is constantly improving and receiving new features & security updates. Open Source Software is also often extensible

Since 2011, developers have created plugins for WooCommerce that extend the functionality of payment providers, shipping methods, variation swatches, and print-on-demand integrations (just to name a few).

WooCommerce is scalable

When it first launched, WooCommerce rarely came up in enterprise boardrooms. Today, with proper optimization, object caching, auto-scaling, and correct implementation of worker processes, WooCommerce runs some seriously big stores on the internet. You might be surprised to know that AeroPress and AirStream Supply Company are two big brands using WooCommerce (as of this writing). From sites with hundreds of thousands of products and orders to high volume sales sites, WooCommerce is a nimble alternative to other closed-source platforms.

Startup and maintenance costs are minimal

While most eCommerce platforms require some sort of up-front and recurring subscription, WooCommerce is free to use. Of course, some implementations may cost more than others, but the overall dollar per feature for added capabilities in WooCommerce is much lower than other platforms. Speaking of dollar per feature, many add-on features are also Open Source Software, and their commercial use is licensed free of charge.

There’s an incredible community of helpers

WooCommerce has one of the largest user groups by way of its association with the global WordPress community. Thousands of implementers (developers, builders, designers, marketers, etc) regularly donate their time to help people build better websites with WooCommerce. The number one reason I love using WooCommerce is because of the vibrant user community, and community-sourced support forums.

WooCommerce is portable

If your business’s industry is highly regulated, having a super portable website might be important. Whether you’re selling CBD or building a financial services website, you’ll want to consider how your business model might be supported (or unsupported) by your eCommerce platform. 

It’s also a great idea to look into whether or not your preferred payment provider is supported. 

And, if you’ve inadvertently built a site using a provider that doesn’t support your business, you’ll want to be using a piece of software that travels well. WooCommerce is easily migrated between different hosting environments.

So, Why Use WooCommerce?

When it comes to features, cost, and scalability, WooCommerce has big wins in every column. Sprinkle in an arsenal of helpers and extreme portability, and WooCommerce is a truly compelling solution for building an online business no matter the size. 

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