Migrating to WooCommerce from GoDaddy Online Store – 5 Easy Steps

Recently, a family member asked for my help to migrate their store to WooCommerce. Since we were migrating to WooCommerce from GoDaddy Online Store, I logged into their current store interface to start exporting data. To my surprise, there was no native export functionality for products within the GoDaddy Online Store interface. After looking for […]

How has web development changed since 2006?

In 2006, my independent web development business was firing on all cylinders. I was signing new clients and creating new websites every few weeks. I had standardized the request process, and made a big effort to standardize my offerings. Business was good, although the effort I was putting into creating websites was much greater than […]

Want to learn to code? Learn how here.

hello world learn to code

Whether you want to be a front-end designer, game designer, or programmer, there are some fundamental concepts you’ll need to learn first. I’ll step through the three things you should focus on learning as you start, and then direct you to great resources to learn the fundamentals based on your learning style. Start with these […]

Using Google Fonts in your CSS Stylesheet

using google fonts

Difference between Google and web safe fonts? Historically it’s been a web development best practice to use only so-called ‘web safe’ fonts.  These are standard fonts that are found on just about every computer whether it’s running Mac OS, Windows, or Linux.  However, it’s possible to import a unique typeface to use on a website and still display […]

How to create an awesome gitignore file

I was recently pushing some code for WordPress to a repository on BitBucket, and had an issue with total repo size. There is a 2GB limit for repositories on BitBucket, and unfortunately the site I was attempting to upload had a lot of images in the wp-content/uploads directory. In the process of fixing the issue, […]

MySQL Migration of Large Database In One Command

MySQL Migration of Large Database In One Command

I was recently attempting a MySQL migration of a 60GB database from an Amazon RDS instance to a different server.  Not only is the database 60GB, but it contains multiple full-text indexes too.  I wanted to complete the entire migration in one step as opposed to creating a dump file, transferring, and importing manually.  Here’s […]

Galaxy Tab Running Android 3.0 + DIY Link!

Installing Android 3.0 on Galaxy Tab If you’re a developer, it’s not super difficult to install Android 3.0 on even a first generation CDMA Galaxy Tab.  Android 3.0 (or Honeycomb) was the first version of Android with a UI built from the ground up specifically for tablets. Check out this picture of my Galaxy Tab […]

Amazon Appstore v Android Market

Now that the Google Android operating system is considered a stable viable player in the mobile OS world, many companies including AT&T, Verizon, and Amazon are creating app stores of their own (app store equals additional revenue).  Because Google’s system is open source, these new app stores are not only allowed, the innovation and options […]