Etiquette for Participating in WordPress Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups for WordPress and WooCommerce are incredible places to collaborate, get advice from experts, and contribute back to the Open Source community. My friends and I enjoy moderating and posting helpful replies in these groups, but sometimes things take a turn for the weird, frustrating, and downright inappropriate. Here are some rules to follow […]

Importing data into WordPress to build a trail locator

When it comes to importing data into WordPress, rarely is it a straightforward task. From unique datasets to old shopping cart systems, every database schema is a little different. And, as much as I’d like to think that I can measure twice, cut once, and have the data end up in the right place, it […]

Which WordPress theme to choose

You’ve been dreaming for years of opening your own coffee shop, and you’re finally on your way. The loan has been secured, build-out has begun, and suppliers are sending enough coffee samples to supercharge your creativity. Heck, you’ve even purchased hosting, set up your WordPress website, and have figured out all the basics. Now the […]

The simplest cart abandonment solution on earth

TL;DR (If you want the punchline of this article) – If you use WooCommerce or EDD, sign up for Jilt to fix cart abandonment — implement it in 10 minutes. I’ve been playing with WooCommerce a lot lately and recently started thinking a lot about cart abandonment. Mine isn’t high by quantity of abandons, but because the […]

Importing multiple checkbox values using WP All Import

I’ve recently been working on a project that requires the import of data from a CSV sheet to ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) values for a CPT (custom post type). It’s been a frustratingly long journey, so I thought I’d share to make your life a bit easier. In theory, it’s a super straightforward process, but […]

WordPress performance and risk management tips

When I first started creating WordPress websites… …I was just happy to be able to offer my clients an admin area, and visitors a consistent navigation and theme. Ten years ago, security, disaster recovery, redundancy, performance, and scaleability were things I thought about (that hasn’t changed), but modifications to address those issues weren’t easy to […]

A Day of REST, the WordPress REST API conference

Feeling RESTful in London Ahhh London in January. It’s not usually the ideal place to spend a winter week, but there was something particularly special going on last week. January 28, 2016 marked the inaugural A Day of REST event, a new conference established to discuss how to build with the WordPress REST API. It was […]

The story & meaning behind the WordCamp US GoDaddy Coins

The journey to the WordCamp US coin Anyone that has talked to me about work for more than a minute knows why I do what I do. GoDaddy has been on a massive journey towards brand and product awesomeness. We’ve been working on some really cool things that are having a profound impact on both […]

A temporary solution for creating a responsive WordPress gallery

creating a responsive WordPress gallery

Have you ever noticed that default WordPress galleries aren’t responsive? When you set the number of columns for your gallery on the gallery settings modal, the number of columns that you initially assign are static. Ideally, when the screen size changes, so would the number of columns– breaking away until the smallest screen has one column of […]