The best WordPress editorial calendar

wordpress editorial calendar

When inspiration hits, I usually have enough mental fuel for a few posts. I’ll sit down to write, and a few hours later I’ll have a cluster of posts ready to publish.

Taking the blog post challenge

When experts talk about creating successful content-driven and highly trafficked websites, they stress the importance of regularly creating content. It’s something that’s difficult to do with a heavy travel schedule and work / social engagements. Recently Dre Armeda from Web Dev Studios mentioned a blog post challenge that Brad Williams is doing, and noted the difficulty of keeping up with a […]

Keep calm and cross-link on

keep calm and cross-link on

Using content to promote your eCommerce or affiliate marketing efforts is a way to seriously amp up your marketing mojo. Content marketing is extremely powerful because it gives you the ability to explain how a product or service is used, and why it provides value to your customer. Content marketing also allows you to tell […]

Looking for a WordPress job in Orlando?

job board at wordcamp orlando 2014

The fine people at WordCamp Orlando have or are looking for jobs and internships, and you can help! Spread this post on social media to web developers and designers that you know in the Orlando area. If you have a correction or addition, feel free to contact me, and I’ll update this page. Also, check […]

Top 10 WordPress Podcasts to Level Up Your Skills

Self-improvement is at the top of my list of life goals. Whether it’s physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally, my goal is to level-up every single day. Since WordPress is a big part of my life, I work to increase my WordPress skills on a regular basis, and you should too. If you haven’t subscribed to […]

Using Pods Framework to add Data to WordPress Widgets

Why use structured data on your website? Google and other search engines use formatted structured data to power rich snippets in search results. For instance, when searching for ‘ticketmaster omaha’ in Google, the following listing appears: These rich snippets make a search listing stand out, and therefore make it more likely someone might click […]

Install WordPress Locally In a Snap!

If you’re a developer, designer, or plugin or theme creator, it can be much more efficient for site development to install WordPress locally. In-fact, I’ve listened to countless presentations by developers at WordCamps explaining how important it is to have a local copy of WordPress installed for development purposes. But, having a local copy of […]

Pretty pre tags in WordPress – The Prettypre project

pre tags apple IIe image

What are pre tags? Pre tags are used on WordPress websites (and others) to change how text is displayed and designate when code samples are being typed. The CSS for the pre tag is formatted in a standard way for most templates.  However, like most tags, a pre tag can easily be formatted with a little CSS magic. There […]