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Try something new, and stop fearing the future

We get anxious about the future. But the truth is, we can never predict the future with 100% certainty. Ever bought a lottery ticket? Bet on a horse race? Watched a weather report? Stop worrying. Stop caring. Stop stressing yourself out about what could be. It creates anxiety and distracts you from what you’re capable of in […]

Basílica de la Sagrada Família

The tech and business conversations dissipated as I quickly ran to my hotel across the street to change clothes. It was time to see something I was told I couldn’t miss during my trip to Barcelona. The cabs were lined up, and the sun was visible enough through the rain clouds to know that it was […]

An old trunk, and the importance of disconnecting

Countless words have been written on the importance of disconnecting from technology. For the most part, they’re written for slow news days. This is not one of those articles. It’s real. Here’s the story… The magic shop There must have been a million people and things I loved seeing as a child when visiting family in […]

TALK: Getting clear on the purpose of your content (and how I missed the mark)

Everything you publish–articles, media, Aunt Martha’s enchilada recipe–needs a purpose. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating content that falls flat and potentially gut-punches your site goals. During this session, we’ll go through my past mistakes a content creator, and how simple but powerful changes have helped to increase traffic, add loyal followers, and make […]

Why we build brands

[slideshare id=62101667&doc=whywebuildbrands-160517142314] We all know what brands are, but do you know what they do? What they’re for? Why it makes sense to build one? Take your business or brand to the next level, and finally unlock the hidden potential of brand building. Video coming soon. 🙂

INTERVIEW: Jennifer Bourn on building a creative agency from childhood passion

Join me as I chat with Jennifer Bourn about her early years, building a creative agency, and some advice every business owner should follow.

On business and Facebook – Facebook F8

I made it to the Facebook Developer Conference (F8) on the way back from London As I boarded the massive Airbus 380 (the largest commercial passenger jet) en route from WordCamp London to the Facebook Developer Conference, I was giddy with excitement. This was an event of opportunity and recreation. An event that I was […]

INTERVIEW: Chris Lema on how the web has changed, and what’s next

SUBSCRIBE for weekly vlogs and advice http://bit.ly/1Qtz2uo Chris’s Website: http://bit.ly/1MWGLTU Recently I spoke with Chris Lema about his start in web technologies, how things have changed, and what he’s up to next. Join us for 18 quick minutes of conversation.

How to iterate effectively

SUBSCRIBE for weekly vlogs and advice http://bit.ly/1Qtz2uo Measuring results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOQSjoKdxYo We’ve all heard someone talk about iterating on a business idea, life goal, or product development. Here’s the simple secret to help you meaningfully iterate in a way that positively impacts your goals.

Measuring results and creating success

SUBSCRIBE for weekly vlogs and advice http://bit.ly/1Qtz2uo The first step on the road to business success is measurement. Here are a few tips to get you started!