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Make sound excuses to seek out inspiration

In 2015 I found myself scheduling a business trip to visit Nijmegen in the Netherlands. The best airport was Schiphol in Amsterdam, and so I began the optimal price and scheduling dance known by anyone who’s looked for airline tickets. I had two options. Save hundreds of dollars, arrive a couple days early, and work […]

Introducing, my new project

In the past eight years I’ve traveled nearly 400,000 miles, visited 84 cities in 11 countries, and spent the equivalent of two years exploring, learning, giving talks, and building relationships with some of the most awesome community leaders, business minds, and engineers in the world. While journeying I’ve collected over 30,000 photos and thousands of […]

On perseverance

Keep going. Build. Grow. Push through. Fight to do. Do to conquer. Not because you have to, or believe you should. Persevere because you’re driven by passion. You’re driven by the feeling that without moving forward, you’re not living. Keep going because great opportunity is often born from the strength earned from overcoming adversity. Great […]

INTERVIEW: Brian Krogsgard on building a boutique news source

I caught up with Brian Krogsgard recently in Vienna, and he and I chatted about building Post Status, a trusted boutique industry news source for WordPress. Enjoy! Brian Krogsgard:  Hello.  My name is Brian Krogsgard and I am privileged to sit next to Mendel Kurland today.  We are in Vienna, Austria.  A beautiful country that’s […]

Destination unknown

While we can influence our journey, the destination is impossible to predict. The path is short or long — riddled with pain and pleasure, happiness and despair, chaos and order. Sometimes what I attempt is beyond me. Sometimes what I think I know, I don’t. Those moments scare me. And then I remember this … In life, we’re […]

5 tips for capturing killer photos

It seems that everyone is a photographer these days. From food shots, to family portraits, to that perfect Instagram aerial, we’re all probably guilty of spending more time framing and hashtagging a shot, than proofreading our use of your and you’re in text messages. What makes a great photo? I could tell you about composition, lighting, framing, and […]

10 beautiful Instagram accounts I follow

I recently pared down the list of people I follow on Instagram from hundreds to under 75. My goal was to engage more with the people I follow — my feed was filled with content that was less than engaging. I favor friends, family, and beautiful things For some, Instagram is a way of sharing […]

We are not obligated to build our lives around technology

For the past two years I’ve been smiling at people as I pass them. Neighbors, people on the sidewalk — in line at the store. Even folks sitting in their car waiting for the light to change — and homeless people on the side of the road. I look people straight in their eyes and […]

Producing a quality video interview on the go

About a month ago, I decided to downsize my travel tech. The goal was to do much more with much less. I’ll be posting a full, “what’s in my bag” post soon, but thought my interview setup might be useful to new traveling content creators. It’s compact, and allows me to capture decent video and […]

INTERVIEW: Jesse Fowler on the importance of respect and effort when building a business

SUBSCRIBE for weekly videos http://bit.ly/1Qtz2uo Jesse is a seriously smart dude, and built a web design / development company from the ground up within the past five years. Join me as I ask him a bit about how he got started, how he’s grown his business, and the advice he has for others trying to […]